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Hello & Welcome

I’m Anesa.

I’m a full-time workaholic, animal activist and lover of all things wellness, design, and productivity.

I started my journey of wellness and personal growth back in 2021 – mid pandemic – when I realized there were so many things I’ve not been giving myself a chance to enjoy and explore. Mostly because I was always on the run, always working, always hustling as the kids say. I juggled an 8-hour day job, a freelancing social media business as well as a craft business that slowly began fading into the background – all while giving any other time I had left to an animal welfare organisation as their PR Co-ordinator.

After diving into a few self-improvement and productivity books, as well a countless hours of intentional life videos, I realized I’ve been doing it all wrong. You can do it all, but you’ve gotta put systems in place to make sure you’re running your tasks, and not the other way around.

If you’re feeling stuck, overworked or overwhelmed, hopefully, I can use my experience, research and journey to wellness to help you through it!

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